What does LifeUp Productions do?


LifeUp Productions is a multidisciplinary digital media production company with a focus on web based film, founded by Jon McFarlane, Christopher Muir, Joseph Thomas and John McMurtrie. Since it began in early 2011, LifeUp Productions has produced multiple award winning short films and worked with some of the worlds leading companies, providing content for the web and deliverables to multi platform devices.


For more history and information on LifeUp Productions, read our About page.



Who runs LifeUp Productions?


The LifeUp team is made up of four in house staff who operate from an office within The Hub at the Pacific Quay creative sector in Glasgow. The office comprises Preproduction, Production, Postproduction and Music departments.


For more information on the members of staff at LifeUp Productions please refer to the About page.








How do I commission LifeUp Productions to produce a video for my company?


LifeUp Productions works across a broad spectrum of clients, producing  content specific to the platforms intended for use. Please contact us through or the form on our Contact page, specifying what kind of video you are seeking (i.e. marketing, training, art, etc.) in the email subject and including a brief description of the video’s intent. This will allow the LifeUp team to assess the project quickly and respond to your enquiry promptly.



How do I see more of LifeUp Productions’ portfolio?


If you would like to see specific work by LifeUp Productions based on what you have seen in the showreel or other projects, please contact us through or the form on our Contact page, specifying what it is you are looking for. LifeUp Productions will then reply with a link and password to the relevant projects.



How do I contact a specific member of the LifeUp team?
Please contact us through or the form on our Contact page, specifying which member of staff you would like to speak with in the subject line. Your enquiry will then be fielded to the relevant person.



I am a model/actor looking for work, How do I contact LifeUp Productions about this?


Please contact us through with an attachment a pdf of your curriculum vitae, including any relevant links to your portfolio or previous work. Your curriculum vitae will be held on file and a member of staff will contact you confirming LifeUp Productions has received your cv.








I would like to invite LifeUp Productions to speak at an event. How do I organise this?


LifeUp Productions has been represented by its staff at a number of events, attending as a visiting lecturer and a specialist panel member in multi platform technology and digital media. If you are looking to book LifeUp Productions as a specialist for your event please contact with a brief outline of your event, detailing what LifeUp Productions will be there to talk about or any additional information you require. If your enquiry is for the attention of a specific staff member, please include this in the subject line.



Who should I contact about including LifeUp Productions in an article I am writing?


There is information regarding the history of LifeUp Productions and its staff available on the About page. If you seek specific information involving LifeUp Productions or a member of its staff please contact, detailing the nature of the article, the publication or website you are writing for and clearly outline the member of staff you are specifically looking to speak with if relevant. Strictly no images or videos may be used in any form from the LifeUp Productions website without prior written permission.



I would like to screen a film by LifeUp Productions, how do I organise this?


Please contact with a brief outline of the event you are hosting and the title of the film or films you are looking to screen.








What browser plugins do I need to view content on the LifeUp website?


Our video players require the Adobe Flash plugin.